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NIIGATA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. was founded under the name of Niigata Works as a maintenance shop of NOC (Nippon Oil Co., Ltd.) and separated from NOC to start as oil related machinery manufacturer.

1961 Started manufacturing Marine Loading Arms and Swivel Joints under the license from Chiksan Corporation (USA) and built Loading Arm factory in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture.
1970 Started manufacturing Butterfly Valve under the license from Chiksan Corporation (USA).
1972 Started manufacturing Drilling Equipment under the license from Armco Steel Corporation (USA).
1973 Supplied the world's largest 24" Loading Arm.
1987 Supplied the world's largest Loading Arm for LNG service to Woodside Energy (Australia).
1988 Successfully completed retrofit work on 16" LNG arms with ERS.
1989 NIIGATA original NT-DBV ERS with double ball valves was developed and supplied to Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.
2000 Cryogenic butterfly valves were developed and was supplied to Shinko Industry Co.,Ltd.
2002 Niigata original Hydraulic QCDC (H-QCDC) for cryogenic service was developed and put in the market.
2003 Niigata Loading Systems, LTD. was established on February 26.
2004 Announced the latest technology of the 5th generation loading arm for LNG service in Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators Ltd.
2005 Delivered 4sets of DCMA type marine loading arm with NIIGATA original ERS(emergency release system) and H-QCDC(quick coupler with hydraulic operation).
2006 Acquired the Fire-Safe certificate for Cryogenic Butterfly Valve.
2008 Developped 16" ERS(emergency release system) with single cylinder for LNG service.